Dear Mr. Legislator is a project of RHAvote which is actively raising funds for efforts to decriminalize and destigmatize abortion in New York State.

Song and Video Credits:

Emily Walton

Dear Mr. Legislator

Words and Music by Emily Walton

Copyright Emily Walton 2018


Produced, Arranged, and Orchestrated by Emerson Young

Recorded and Mixed by Chris Cubeta at Studio G, Brooklyn

Mastered by Alex DeTurk, Brooklyn

Piano: Emily Walton

Drums: Sharon Raizor

Bass: Jonathan Wright

Singers: Ally Bonino, Jonelle Margallo & Katie McCreary


Video Credits:

Director & Producer: Jay Randall

Director of Photography: Mitchell Holson

Editors: Ian Carlos De La Cruz & Mitchell Holson

Motion Graphics: Nick Proto

Story Producers: Jay Randall & Erika Christensen

Executive Producers: Erika Christensen & Garin Marschall


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